Youth Educational Services, Inc a 501c (3) non-profit organization, since 2000. YES Inc. has been a leader in providing exceptional Educational, Developmental and Nutritional programs to Children and Adults throughout the USA.


Vision: To improve the Educational, Financial and Overall Well-being to empower people across the globe.

Mission: We positively empower people to enhance their lives, through health, wealth and educational initiatives. YES Inc. is accomplishing its lofty goals through the use of its various programs which include:

• Health & Nutrition Programs
• Entrepreneurship, Educational Enrichment Services
• Consulting and Coaching Services
• Financial Literacy & Leadership Programs

Through the tireless work performed through these Programs, YES Inc. maintains a strong presence the communities across the globe. On a daily basis youth and adults alike are being taught, fed, informed and enriched in some manner by the individuals that form the backbone of YES Inc.

YES! Core Values
• Striving for Excellence!
• Every single person is Important
• Building Successful Relationships
• Quality is Key!

This Institution is an equal opportunity provider