About Yes

Youth Educational Services, Inc. (YES) is a Non-Profit organization based in Tucker Georgia, whose purpose is to provide quality educational, developmental and nutritional programs to children and adults throughout Georgia. The organization was founded in January of 2000 by Marv and Adrian Cox. They set upon a goal to create an organization with a strong commitment to strengthen communities by addressing the educational and nutritional needs of youth and adults in these communities.

Through the tireless work performed through these Programs, YES Inc. maintains a strong presence in many of the communities in which it is involved. On a daily basis children and adults alike are being taught, fed, informed or enriched in some manner by the individuals that form the backbone of YES Inc.!!

On any given day, YES Inc,  through its people and its programs, are helping to feed thousands of area youth, facilitating the food cost reimbursement of hundreds of Child Care Centers, Family Day Care Homes, Adult Care Centers or teaching dozens of youth and adults the skills needed to pass an exam, prepare for college or land a job.